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In love with organic and natural edges, we have the best slabs perfectly flattened and high end finished

Statement pieces with these organic contemporary designs, add a glass top!

biggest wood suppliers with the highest skilled labor

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Kiln Dried Slabs Starting at $5.6 per BF and much more

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+40 years of experience and a multi functional team are responsible to meet our high standards

Custom Coffee Tables

Inverse truncated pyramid

One of a kind and Exotic Pieces

Cocobolo root with a resin top

Handpicked Slabs

Kiln dried and automated flattened, sanded

Family company Since 1978

Our Grandma taught us to be caretakers

Highly attention to detail

We always tried to innovate with different products, looking for specific segment clients that love natural wood and will appreciate the artistry of nature with one of a kind pieces

Since 1996 we have a National Regulation in Costa Rica, “Ley Forestal 7575” therefore we got all the permits and in our team we have a Forestry Reggent in charge to keep all the permits, certifications and follow ups to buy the land, the tress, transportation of the lugs, certified kiln dryers and more…


Hardwood suppliers

On site control over every step in the supply chain

Custom Product

High skilled labor for custom and fine tables

Wood Retail

FSC certified products, doors, sheets for retail

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