8 Seats Resin Cast Table

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Resin cast design! Keep organic shape of the slab and add some modern details with resin.

Wood specie: Monkey Pod Slab

Resin color: transparent with matte finishing (color options HERE)

Dimensions: 8.2ft x 40in | 250×100 (length x wide)

8-10 people


Available on backorder

Modern, handmade, resin cast design table: live edge slab as it is + epoxy resin.  Each design is unique because of the live edge and will have individual characteristics derived from the particular cut of wood. We build a mold around the slab and pour the resin around it filling all the cracks and open spaces.

Picture Table Dimensions: 250x100x78 cm / 8.2ft x 40in x 30 in

  • 100% solid sustainably sourced tropical hardwood:
  • Intended for indoor use
  • Custom size available (contact us for info.)
  • Handcrafted in Costa Rica

Your next table will be one of a kind, so remember: Color, grain, live edge and texture in wood will vary every time.

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